Copar is dedicated to provide the highest quality state of the art electronic controls and products, to excel in customer service, both in-house and in the field. Copar provides service and spare parts for all of our products dating back to the 1960’s. Over the last 50 plus years Copar has achieved a valuable reputation for providing user-friendly robust control systems combined with excellent customer service, leading to a high level of customer confidence and satisfaction at over 5000 installations across the globe. Copar is all about Service, Sales and Support.

Our company FURIC SAS is partner of COPAR for more than 30 years. FURIC SAS, is in charge of sales, installation, training and after sales service of Copar equipments in Europe, Africa and Middle East.

The products :

For the corrugator

Bridge Speed Control BSC

The BSC to synchronize the speed of the single facers to the double backer. It uses the existing  “fast” and “slow” contacts on the single facer and double facer to control machine speeds.  The operator simply turns the control “on” to enter the auto speed mode. 

To fill the bridge for a splice, simply select either “over-speed single facer” or “slow double backer” using the rotary switch provided.  Proper bridge filling and speed resynchronization is automatic.  After the splice has been completed, push “Go to Minimum Bridge” to resume normal operation. 

Bridge control is readily accepted by the operator since he no longer has to perform the tedious, repetitive task of maintaining a minimum bridge.  Since few operators are able to hold a minimum bridge manually, you will instantly see a warp reduction.




Wrap Up Detection WUD

This device checks through measuring wheels, the speeds of the two papers which enter in the single-facer and the speed of the single-facer web at the exit of the single-facer. 

Le WUD stops or slows down the single-facer if the speed ratio between the three wheels (paper speeds) changes ; for example when : 

  • One of the papers wraps around a wrap arm.
  • A paper breaks occurs.

It will prevent jams on the machine, reduce down times, reduce waste.


Sync Master 

The Copar Sync Master Synchronized Splice Control is a PLC based corrugator control and data collection system that gives you full control of your Wet End processes. Sync Master will help your plant increase productivity, improve product quality, and reduce waste with minimum operator involvement.

Forty years ago, Copar built the first synchronized splice system. Copar leads the industry with many years of experience and successful implementation. The ninth generation of Copar synchronized splice control now incorporates Compact Logix PLC processors, coupled with robust hardware and software for the most reliable system available.



Automated Splicing

-  End of Roll Splicing with Improved Diameter Precision

  • Splice roll diameters and splice speeds can be changed from any Copar operator touchscreen
  • Measured roll diameters are graded to indicate bad roll cores, machine problems or sensor faults.
  • Red lights at each splicer alert the operator of measurement problems such as roll slippage, inconsistent brake pressure, or unstable dancer movement, so the operator can correct the problem.

-  Immediate Splice pushbutton at each splicer immediately fills the bridge (if enabled), adjusts to splice speed, and then splices the roll.

  • Used to split the roll and prevent small rolls in your roll stock inventory
  • Automates the splice process, allowing the operator to concentrate on other important tasks

-  Synchronized Splice Control for wet end grade and/or width changes

  • Splices automatically align to one another for grade/width changes
  • Aligned splices are automatically removed at the shear
  • 5 Synchronized Splice Modes are included to optimize conditions based on
    • Order Lineal requirements - Over/under runs are not permitted
    • Lineal remaining on roll requirements - Over/under runs are permitted to avoid small butt rolls

-  Laminated medium and split medium splice automation


Speed Control and Wrap Up Detection

-  Singlefacer Bridge Speed Control with Variable Bridge Loading

  • The singlefacer follows doublebacker speed changes
  • Control reverse warp with bridge loading
  • Automatic Bridge Fill feature keeps the doublebacker at production speed during singlefacer splices.

-  Adjust the doublebacker speed from any operator touch screen

-  Paper Break and Wrap Up Detection with Automatic Machine Stops

  • Faster than an operator, this feature protects your machine during missed splices, web breaks, and singlefacer wrap ups by continually monitoring paper speeds


Roll Stock Inventory

Include Roll ID tracking with your Copar splice control system interface with an existing Kiwi, CTI, or other roll management software. 

- Eliminate errors from manual roll diameter measurements and manual data entry.

- Save time by automatically printing roll tags after a splice.

- Roll ID, grade, and width of running rolls are viewable from any Copar operator console and can be used to verify the correct grade is being used.

- Get a handle on where your waste is with roll ID traceability and logging.

- Simple operation:

1. Scan the rollstand location barcode, then scan the roll tag

2. Once the roll splices, the system automatically communicates with the inventory software.  Roll diameter, paper caliper, remaining lineal, and lineal consumed are transferred.

3. A roll tag is automatically printed.Diapositive40


Management Tools

-  Production reports are emailed to key personnel automatically (optional)

-  Printable Reports, Graphs, and Help Screens

-  User friendly screens with integrated troubleshooting assistance




-  Communication with production scheduling systems

  • Production schedules are automatically downloaded and viewable from any operator touchscreen

-  Communications with roll inventory systems

  • Print butt roll tags automatically with actual spliced diameter, lineal remaining, roll ID, as well as other information without any manual measurements
  • Creates a logged history with rollstand location and Roll ID for tracking purposes 



Quality Master

The Copar Quality Master Process Control maximizes product quality and consistency by continually monitoring specific parts of corrugator. Target (goal) settings are saved for each paper grade combination, and are automatically recalled at a grade change.


-  Preheater and/or preconditioner wrap arms, as well as the heating section, automatically adjust to maintain target paper temperatures in spite of speed changes.

-  Starch meter gaps are controlled automatically and compensate for speed changes with highly customizable speed curves.

-  With the Production Optimized Process (P.O.P.), the doublebacker speed increases automatically when current production is not utilizing available heat.

-  With the optional Warp Wacker, lasers at the stacker measure across the entire machine width for board warp, and make adjustments automatically. 



Production Tracking Master

The Copar Production Tracking Master is a highly visible motivator, that displays production statistics for operators and supervisors.

  • 50 inch flat panel LED TV displays are normally installed, but any size screen with the same resolution may be used.
  • Up to four displays can be installed within 300 ft the Copar Master Operator Console.
  • Typically two monitors are mounted overhead, back to back, between the wet and dry end.
  • Can be installed in hard to see locations, lunch rooms, or even in front offices.
  • Integrates easily with Copar Sync Master system or can be purchased as a stand alone package.




Segmented Water Spray SWS-5

Many corrugators employ a COPAR Model SWS-5 Segmented Water Spray System to assist in the production of flat stock, particularly to help overcome cross machine direction warp caused by wet streaks.  The SWS-5 System provides the ability to selectively add moisture to isolated areas of a web in order to correct warp that is beyond the control of standard adjustments.  Once an Operator has isolated the location of the warp and selected the amount of additional moisture required to flatten the sheet, the control automatically maintains the correct addition level independent of speed changes.

A COPAR Segmented Water Spray System adds moisture through use of a manifold assembly supplying water to electrically operated valves.  The manifold is supplied in standard lengths to accommodate web widths up to 130 inches (3,3 meters).  One, two or three manifold systems are available to meet various operational requirements:

  • Single Manifold System — Applies water to one web - Will correct Normal (Up) or Reverse (Down) warp, depending upon location of the manifold
  • Dual Manifold System can supply water to up to two webs.  Will correct Normal, Reverse and "S" warp.  A lower manifold is positioned to correct Normal warp; an upper for Reverse warp.  The two manifolds are used in combination to correct "S" warp.  Operator selects the appropriate manifold for the warp condition using toggle switches on the main control panel.
  • Triple Manifold System - will correct Normal, Reverse and "S" warp. 

The SWS-5 Control determines web speed, calculates the required flow rate to attain the selected moisture addition level and energizes each valve to spray the proper volume of water.  The system monitors web travel and automatically adjusts individual zone flow rates to hold the moisture addition constant independent of speed changes.  If the web speed drops below minimum, the control shuts off the spray manifold(s).  When web speed rises above minimum speed, the control again adds the proper amount of moisture to produce flat sheets.

Traditionally, warp problems caused by unbalanced liner combinations or wide moisture difference between the top and bottom liners have been corrected through the expensive proposition of applying more starch (and water) in an attempt to balance the moisture.  Copar's SWS-5 System provides a means of adding moisture across the entire web without the need to increase starch usage.  Wet streaks continue to plague corrugator crews and inhibit their ability to produce flat board.  Copar's SWS-5 System allows the crew to selectively add moisture to specific areas of the web and flatten the sheet.

A COPAR Segmented Water Spray System can be viewed as a supplement, rather than a replacement, for existing warp control procedures.  Moisture should be added to the web only after all conventional techniques for warp reduction have been employed.  A minimum application of additional moisture will permanently correct warp; use of too much water will only serve to mask a warp profile that will reappear when the excess water evaporates.





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